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The Classroom Astronomer was a quarterly PDF publication designed as a practitioner journal for classroom teachers of astronomy. While centered at the high school level, it also provides tips, techniques and informative how-to articles for teachers of grades K-8 and undergraduate college "Astro 101" courses. Our mission is to increase the amount of astronomy in the school systems and improve the skills of teachers.

TCA was published from 2009 until 2015. 

All 23 issues are available for purchase in PDF format.

Educational Materials

Where is the United Federation of Planets? 

A two-sided mini-poster charting the 43 real objects mentioned in the entire collection of Star Trek series and movies. On one side are the objects plotted on galactic scales, indeed, using the list of objects is a good educational assignment! On the obverse is a chart showing where all the objects are in Earthly skies. Sprinkle your sky talks with Star Trek interest by pointing out Spock's homeworld and the stars nearest the borders of the Romulans, Klingons, and Andorians! Which stars are also known to have exoplanets are listed as well as their Star Trek lore.

Based on an article from TCA Issue 18 (article included!) and excerpted from Hermograph's forthcoming book, Federation Space! 

$7.00, folded, with article.

Hermograph Books

Colonia Tour Book (English edition)

Hermograph World

Rediscovering and Touring the Civil War Defenses on Modern Atlanta's Landscapes

The Colonia Tour Book (English edition)

Visit the ancient city of Colonia Claudia Ara Agrippinensium, aka CCAA or Colonia, the ancient Roman provincial capital city that became today's Cologne, Germany.  This 5.x8 wire-bound guidebook leads you on six walking or streetcar/tram trails to see Colonia's remains:  streets, harbor island, forts and city wall (still around in parts from more than 1500 years ago!), building ruins above and below ground, what's left of its aqueduct that brought water to the city (and was the longest Rome ever made), cemeteries and graves, and guard towers. English language (German is coming!)

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